What We All Can Learn from Scrooge McDuck

One of Disney’s most recognizable characters was the renowned Scrooge McDuck.  Better known as “Uncle Scrooge” to Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie, Uncle Scrooge was frequently dressed in a red frock coat and wore a top hat and pince-nez glasses.  He loves money so dearly that in one episode he is shown buying a trunk of worthless Confederate money to stuff into his mattress to sleep on at night.  Uncle Scrooge is a popular character who frequently gave financial and career advice to the others, mostly on how to be wise when it comes to saving money.  You get the feeling he would have loved to use Groupon promo codes and coupons to make the most of his hard-earned dollars.  When shopping at the Disney Store to buy presents, games, clothing or decorations you’d do well to use money saving Groupons, too.

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One thing Uncle Scrooge was cautious about was the proper use of legal guidance and advice.  What many people refer to as “frivolous lawsuits” consumes an enormous amount of legal expenses – from paper and ink costs up to the cost of lawyer, secretarial and arbitrator salaries.  And customers become irritated because they feel that much time, paper and effort is wasted while going through the court system.  These feelings and attitudes are increased exponentially when the time consumed in a case is factored into the equation.  The average citizen’s faith in our legal professionals is near the bottom as a result.

So should legal proceedings be so expensive and take so long?  Obviously the answer everyone would like to hear is “no.” However, this doesn’t mean the legal system has to operate at a snail’s pace.  The legal profession should do better at policing itself.  In doing so it should see what factors make the process interminably slow and revise where possible. Scrooge McDuck would like that.