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Understanding How Bail Bonds Work Sometimes a suspect of a crime can be able to apply for a bail so that they are not put behind bars. This means that the suspect has to raise money that will make him or she stay out of jail until the court date reaches. Bonds are refundable, and they are meant to act as security in case the suspect does not show up. The bail bond system is very common in the justice systems and are meant to keep the suspect free until trial. While the system is standard, not many people recognize how it works. On the other hand, if the defendant fails to raise the stipulated amount, they will be in custody until the court hearing reaches. Bail bonds are mostly needed by those people who have other obligations to take care of before the hearing is done. A bail bond is an understanding between the court and the bondsman or bond company to make sure that the suspect appears during the hearing. All the burden is left on the bail bondsman to ensure that the suspect appears without fail. All bail bonds are not the same, and they vary depending on the type of case. When the bail bonds are pronounced by the court, the suspect might not have such an amount, and this forces them to look elsewhere. Here is an explanation of how bail bonds work. When a criminal is arrested, him or her is taken to court, and a preliminary hearing takes place. During the hearing, you can plead guilty or not guilty. It is at this hearing that the president of the tribunal sets the bail amount. After the judge has set the bail, you can get out of custody by paying the bail. Depending on the structures of the court you can pay the jail or the court clerk so that you are set free. Once the suspect has been given freedom by the prison, it is upon him or her to show up when the hearing date reaches. In the case you fail to appear in court at the set time of sentence, you may lose the amount you had paid for the bond, and a warrant of arrest might be issued.
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After the trial, the charges that were earlier imposed might be cleared if you are found to be innocent. The presiding judge will determine the duration you will stay in prison when you are found to be guilty. The bond is refundable, and all defendants must reclaim them once they are free and honest. You should be aware that different states have different ways in which bail bonds work. In the case you need to get more details on the bond process, you should consider talking to the bond experts and ask them as many questions as possible.A Simple Plan: Bonds